Future Prospects

Future Prospects

We, Chin Li Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd., will use our strong point in business, including integration of information systems, production technology, and keep improving the quality to face the future competitions.

Our policy is always seeking for innovation to provide customers the most efficient service with professional management team, plentiful HR system, as well as our process experience.

Under the global trend of eco-awareness, as member in the sports shoe industry, Chin Li Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. focuses on development and production technology.

From the fuel to maintain the temperature of the machine to the recycle and reuse the waste, we reduce the environmental issues in the production process successfully. It’s our corporate social responsibility to contribute to a better future.

In addition, in order to create new business market and expand the capability for the future, we also invest in shoes factories overseas and review the supply chain.

With these internal and external preparations, Chin Li Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd. is well-grown and confident to compete on the international stage.